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Call for Papers

Symposium on Insure-Tech, Digitalization, and Big-Data Techniques in Risk Management and Insurance


We invite submission of research papers related to advances in Insure-Tech, Digitalization, and Big-Data Techniques in Risk Management and Insurance. The rapid growth in data and advances in computing are transforming risk management and insurance. Modern predictive techniques, including the rise of machine learning, are expanding and changing the ability to classify risk, while also raising new regulatory and ethical issues. New technologies are also enabling new methods of transferring risk, underwriting, and claims handling, changing and sometimes challenging the nature of traditional insurance products and practices.
We encourage research that focuses on the relevance and impact of these trends on risk-management and insurance activities. Topics of particular interest include but are not limited to:

• Regulatory implications of these new techniques
• The viability and welfare implications of alternative insurance and risk management techniques enabled by technology
• The distributional impacts of increased risk segmentation and individualized product offerings
• The extent of market power and influence for first movers in these areas
• The relevance of structural models and economic theory in an era of machine learning


Manuscripts submitted under this call for papers will be evaluated in the same manner as all other manuscripts, with expectations for the same level of rigor and carefulness in methods and exposition. Senior Editors and the Editor-in-Chief will work in coordination for a symposium of papers that are reinforcing and offer a unified theme.


We welcome submissions of theoretical and empirical manuscripts. Authors should submit their manuscripts via ScholarOne and indicate that they wish to have the paper considered for the symposium on Insure-Tech, Digitalization, and Big Data Techniques. To be considered for the special symposium, manuscripts must be received by September 15, 2020.